About Me

Aspiring Diamond Thief

Part of my personality as a designer is to dream. The dreamer in me can envision an endless amount of things I would love to be, including: motorcycle builder, carpenter, diamond thief, nature photographer, farmer, writer, time traveler, etc. No matter how I choose to apply myself, a design mentality will always play a role. Design is just who I am and not so much who I’ve chosen to be. The application of who I am is the power I hold.


My Work

A Selection of PITCHES, PROJECTS, AND Products

HLI Health Nucleus

health & the human genome

A service using genomics – combined with biomics and personal health history – to serve as a personalized approach to an individual's healthcare.


Attaining financial goals

A concept prototype for a tool designed to engage millennials in better financial habits. The concept was built to focus on the financial impact of an individual's life goals.

Comcast Xfinity

A next gen. tv experience

A multi-faceted approach to cable, Comcast's Xfinity service offers the X1 TV experience and the XTV mobile apps for customers to maximize content viewing.


politics informed

A suite of tools built around open data, ElectNext's intent was to inform and engage people on politicians' views of their most valued issues.

My Musings

Sometimes I Write About Design

Check out my collection of stories on Medium. Maybe you will find something interesting about my experience, maybe you'll disagree with an opinion, or maybe you'll have a similar  thought you want to share. In any case, let me know what's on your mind, I would love to hear from you. When you're finished I'll be right here, just a tab away.


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